Fluid Leaks


The most common fluid leak symptoms are easy to recognize:

  • Fluid spot on the driveway
    If you see fluid on the ground from your car, it is time to have it inspected. Delaying repairs can greatly complicate the repair process. As well, the only “acceptable” fluid loss from a vehicle is condensation from the a/c system on humid days.
  • A sweet or burning odor
    If you smell a sweet or burning odor you almost certainly have a fluid leak. A sweet smell is indicative of an engine coolant leak. A burning smell is usually caused by a fluid leak dripping on the exhaust system.
  • Smoke from under the hood
    Smoke from under the hood indicates an acute leak that requires immediate attention. In some cases, fires have started do to excessive oil leaks on the exhaust system.
  • You keep adding fluid
    Many motorists make the mistake of not repairing the root cause of the fluid loss. All of your vehicle’s systems that use fluids are sealed and designed not to lose fluid. If you are adding fluid, we recommend having one of our service experts inspect your vehicle.