Factory Scheduled Maintenance


Your vehicle’s manufacturer creates detailed maintenance schedules outlining specific operations to be performed on various components and systems. These services are done at different times and mileage intervals to ensure proper operation and to prevent premature wear. The manufacturer also indicates specific services that must be done in order to maintain the factory warranty and extended warranty.

Avoid generic services offered at other shops and dealers. A “one size fits all” approach will not insure the longevity you need. We are equipped with computerized automotive information systems that provide detailed repair and maintenance requirements to help keep you in complete compliance with your manufacturer’s warranty.

Some highlights about the basic, intermediate and major service points are reviewed below.


Service includes an oil change and filter, tire rotations, and an inspection for safety. When changing the oil, our technician will be conducting visual inspections of the hoses, belts, and inspecting for any fluid leaks; listening for any strange noises, and any oddities in the operation of the vehicle.

Every manufacturer sets different mileages for BASIC factory scheduled maintenance. Depending on your make and model mileages may include:

5000 mile service; 7000 mile service; 7500 mile service; 10000 mile service; 18000 mile service; 20000 mile service; 22500 mile service; 35000 mile service; 36000 mile service; 37500 mile service; 40000 mile service; 42000 mile service; 48000 mile service; 50000 mile service; 52500 mile service; 55000 mile service; 65000 mile service; 67500 mile service; 78000 mile service; 80000 mile service; 82500 mile service; 85000 mile service; 95000 mile service; 96000 mile service; 97500 mile service; 100000 mile service; 102000 mile service; 105000 mile service; 108000 mile service; 110000 mile service; 112500 mile service; 114000 mile service; and 115000 mile factory scheduled service.

These distances are generally considered basic service points. All other milestones and maintenances are built on these basic services.


This service generally involves an oil and filter change, tire rotation, and a safety inspection, as well as possible replacement of the engine air filter and cabin air filter. While changing the oil, the mechanic will be performing visual inspections of the brakes, belts, and hoses, inspecting for any fluid leaks, listening for any abnormal noises, and paying attention to any irregularities in the operation of the vehicle. The vehicle is also checked for any active recalls.

  • Additional Repairs Suggested at the 15,000 Mile Service
    The 15,000 mile service is an intermediate service and probably the first one for your vehicle. Some vehicles, especially SUVs and Trucks may need brake pad replacement at this service.
  • Additional Repairs Suggested at the 45,000 Mile Service
    It’s not unusual to need new tires or brakes at this mileage.
  • Additional Repairs Suggested at the 75,000 Mile Service
    With this many miles on your vehicle it’s not unusual to notice wear and tear items like the hoses, drive belts, motor mounts or suspension bushings. Oil leaks may start to show up as well.

MAJOR SCHEDULE: 30,000 MILES, 60,000 MILES, 90000 MILES & 120,000 MILES

At these milestones you will begin to have some of the fluids replaced: brake fluid, coolant, transmission fluid and even spark plug replacement, fuel filter and air filter.

  • Additional Repairs Suggested at the 30,000 Mile Service
    The 30,000 mile scheduled service is a major service and probably the first major one for your car or truck. Many people call this a “tune up”. It’s not uncommon for your vehicle to need a brake pad replacement at this mileage, and on some vehicles the tires may need replacement.
  • Additional Repairs Suggested at the 60,000 Mile Service
    As with the 30,000 mile point, at 60,000 miles you will probably start seeing a need for a brake pad replacement at this mileage and on some vehicles the tires may need replacement. On top of the points for the 30,000 mile service other fluids like the differential, engine coolant and automatic transmission fluid (and filter) will be addressed. Some cars and trucks will need the timing belt replaced and valve adjustments at this interval.
  • Additional Repairs Suggested at the 90,000 Mile Service
    All items from the 30,000; 60,000 and 90,000 mile scheduled service are addressed.
  • Possible Repairs Needed at the 120,000 Mile Service
    Depending on how well you’ve taken care of your car up to this point, after 100,000 miles is when you’re really begin to see the profits or consequences of proper or poor maintenance.  A car or truck that has had good maintenance may require brakes or other minor repairs but a vehicle that has been mistreated will probably require more.