Facts About Monday

934078_524149870954001_1087544789_nHere are some fun (and some not so fun!) facts about Monday.

1. Most people do not smile on Monday until 11.16 am.

2. The best way to overcome hatred towards Monday is considered to be by TV watching, online shopping, chocolate and cosmetics buying, as well as vacation planning.

3. 50% of workers on Monday are late for work.

4. 12 minutes are enough for most people to complain on Monday.

5. People aged 45 to 54 years suffer most from the Monday’s syndrome.

6. Staff ensures maximum productivity during only 3.5 hours on Mondays.

7. Most suicides occur on Monday.

8. The number of heart attack victims is increased on 20% on Mondays.

9. Monday is the least rainy weekday.

10. And something positive: Monday is the best day to buy a car, as the majority of sales are made on weekend and sellers expect less successful sale on the day, and as a result – more willing to make discounts.

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